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    January 10, 2019
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    December 29, 2023


Yonks is a day counter app for iOS and Android. It allows you to add counters for events in the past or future, which you would like to remember or which you are anticipating.

Every counter is fully customizable and let's you choose a corresponding emoji, an individual color and a main unit to count in (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years). A counter's details view shows it's notable milesstones (e.g. "1.500 days since you've been married") and has place for additional text notes.

To give users an idea of what to add, Yonks provides a growing list of popular suggestions with past and future events form a variety of categories like holidays, history, sports, tech, movies and music.


Yonks is developed by Stefan Grund, a digital creator from Cologne, Germany. By day Stefan is the CEO and co-founder of Hypercode, a Digital Product Studio which focuses on creating high-quality web and mobile apps. By night he builds exciting side projects like Yonks or shortfil.ms, a curated platform for the web's best short films. Stefan was born in 1985 and studied media and computer science.

You can find him as @eay on Threads and @eay@eay.social on Mastodon. He is also an avid blogger, writing a German language blog about pop culture, media and technology at eay.cc since 2003.


Feel free to contact me for a press copy or for any other enquiries via @yonksapp on Threads or @yonks@eay.social on Mastodon or send an e-mail to stefan@yonks.app.

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